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We offer a series of programs aimed at helping you achieve your financial goals. We have tested each method thousands of times and know the results it can offer you. Don’t waste your time or money with Craigslist ads or bogus websites. We have a tier for every budget. No matter how bad your situation is we can help you today.

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CPN Numbers

We have been successfully making Validated, tri-merged CPN numbers for over 7 years. Our numbers are always scanned to make sure no one else is using them. CPN Number packages starting @ $59.99

Credit Sweep

We have been preparing credit sweep packages for over 10 years. Our success rate is very high and our prices are the best on the market. We have Credit Sweep Programs starting at $99.99 with 24 hour support.


We offer a wide varaity of Authorized User Tradelines. We offer free consultation prior to your purchase to assure you get the best Authorized User Tradelines. 2+ Year agged accounts starting @ $299.99

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What clients say really helped me out in a time of need. I was working a dead end 9 to 5 couldn't even dream of living the life I now live. currently Own/Rent 21 units and developing 36 unit complex. Life is great thanks MyCreditTutor 5 Starts!
Edward Vanguard
Real Estate Developer/Entrepreneur

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