CPN/SCN Numbers are Free. Learn how to make them yourself.

CPN Numbers /SCN Numbers are Free. Learn how to make them yourself. You can use your cpn number to obtain credit and loans while protecting your identity. We teach you the right way today.


CPN Numbers Key to Financial SuccessHave you been turned down for Credit Cards, Rentals, Auto Loans, Mortgages? You now have hope! With our proven CPN program you will be able to start a new financial life. CPN numbers are  9 digit numbers that you can use in lieu of your social security number when applying for credit! Yes, it is 100% Legal to use a CPN number for Credit Purposes ONLY! But, you need to remember you are still liable for the debt you acquire on both your SSN file and your CPN file. CPN numbers are designed to protect you from identity theft and not defraud creditors. Make sure you let your lender know you are using a CPN number. If they decline to submit your application under your CPN ask them about other identity verification process they offer for people who do not want to disclose their SS number. You will be able to use your CPN number to apply for a rental, obtain credit cards, Obtain non federally insured mortgages, buy a car, obtain personal and business loans and more. The things you are not permitted to do with your CPN are, use it as an SSN to pass background checks, obtain federally insured loans, register a motor vehicle (If you purchase a car you must tell the finance manager you will be using a CPN for the loan and your SSN to register the vehicle) Obtain government assistance (FOOD STAMPS, SSI, RETIREMENT BENEFITS) File taxes, or attempt to defraud any creditor or financial institution. Make sure you let your lender know you will be using a CPN number before you submit your application.



What is a CPN numberFor-Rent-Sign? A CPN number is also known as a Credit Profile Number, a Credit Privacy Number, an SCN or a Secondary credit number. Don’t let all these abbreviations and acrimonious confuse you they are all the same thing. A 9 digit number you can use in lieu of your social security number for credit reporting purposes only. What is the benefit of a CPN? Protect your identity, helps you establish a second credit profile which will allow you to obtain more credit then you qualify for at the moment. Please not you are still liable for all debt you acquire on both your CPN and your SSN. Is it legal to have and use a CPN number? Yes, CLICK HERE to see what The FBI has to say about CPN numbers, read section 35. You can also see what CLICK HERE to see what The Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation (Freddie Mac). Now, keep in mind obtaining a CPN number is absolutely free. But, do you know how? Where do you start? What is the correct process? How do I make sure I am not committing fraud when creating my number? These are all very crucial questions you should ask yourself before you start using random numbers as a CPN. We do not charge you for the CPN, our CPN numbers are absolutely free. We only charge you for using our CPN generator tool which has cost a great deal of time, money and effort to put together. We also give you the peace of mind knowing your CPN number was created by the most up to date algorithms and is not in violation of any laws. But,  make sure to abide by all Federal, State and local laws governing credit applications and financial transactions. It is your responsibility to make sure you are not breaking the law. In your locality.




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Our CPN numbers are guaranteed to pass all scans. You will receive your indestructible instantly upon purchase.. Please make sure you use your CPN number responsibly. We will not be held accountable for any misuse of a CPN number you create.

What next? follow the instructions in the box below. After your payment is received we will re-direct you to the download page. Please make sure to access the download area from a computer and not a phone or mobile device.

You must understand that a new CPN number has a 0 credit score, you must build your credit step by step. Take your time and do not fill multiple applications at once. Go for credit building credit cards first. You will receive more information on what you should do with your CPN retrieval instructions. If you have any questions please contact us by using our Support Ticket System.






The Knowledge that no one else wants to share with you is here,  This is a complete ebook 1 page guide on how to make your own CPNHanding over the car key

Our CPN generation program will show you exactly what you need to do to create perfect legal CPN numbers in under 10 minutes! This program is very powerful, it’s very similar to the method we use to create the numbers we sell on the site. This program will show you:

  • How to create a CPN number
  • How to Tr-Merge your CPN number
  • How to check if it is not in use by someone else
  • and how to obtain your first card





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