The Ultimate Package

All Fast credit repairOur Ultimate package for All Fast credit repair is designed for those who want to start their own credit repair business or completely transform their credit personal credit file. This program includes all the powerful information hundreds of agencies and brokers use every day to make thousands. Below is a list of what is included and the price brokers and agencies usually charge for each one of the services listed

  • Credit Sweep Program (Potential Earning: $1000-$1500)
  • CPN Program (Potential Earning: $100-$250)
  • ChexSystems Sweep Program (Potential Earning: $200-$500)
  • 50k No PG Funding Program (Potential Earning: 10-15% Back-end)
  • Primary Trade-lines UCC1 Program (Potential Earning $500-$2000 Per line)
  • Traditional Repair Letters Program ( Potential Earning= Subscription $50-$100 Per month Per customer)

This is the most powerful program we sell on our site for All Fast credit repair. The only thing not included in this package is the CPN Kick Start Program.


$159.94 if purchased individually.

Get them all for $99.99 Now